Glo Introduces a 1000# for 2gb data plan

Poster: stancobridge | Date: 6:22am, 4th Mar 2016. | Views: 249 | 1 Replies
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stancobridge. Jalingo, Taraba
6:22am, 4th Mar 2016.
Glo as just introduced a new BIS data plan For N1,000 and it gives you 2GB. Works like the previous one.

The new 1000# for 2gb data plan is just like the previous comonth subscription.

It works perfectly and it very reliable for interested kins.

With this new Gloves Bis subscription I hope it should be more favorable to android and black berry users who love to surf the internet and download.


To subscribe for the new Glo 1000# for 2gb data plan is very straight forward and simple, Just follow the normal procedure and smiles the cold bellow.

==> Check out for subscriptions like callar tone to prevent Airtime deduction,

==> Confirm if you have any active subscriptions,
==> Load a 1000# naira Glo Recharge Card,

==> Lastly [Dial *777*25#

NOTE==> Your N1,000 will be deducted and 2GB will be given to you.
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