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8:30pm, 13 Mar 2018
Kiss Daniel Purchases Multi-Million Naira Lekki House
2018 seems to be bringing much of blessing on the part of Kiss Daniel, with report of the singer in a relationship with Chidinma, singing artist to
8:12pm, 13 Mar 2018
Davido Set To Open A Restaurant For His Chef Girlfriend, Chioma
Nigerian superstar Davido has continued to shower love and affection on official girlfriend Chioma Avril Rowland. He announced that his girlfrien
1:24am, 10 Mar 2018
What's the history behind the Black Stone in Mecca, Saudi Arabia?
Al-Ḥajar al-Aswad (Arabic: الحجر الأسود, The Black Stone) is an ancient Islamic sacred stone. It is located in the eastern corner of
1:13am, 10 Mar 2018
1:09am, 10 Mar 2018
1:03am, 10 Mar 2018
12:58am, 10 Mar 2018
12:51am, 10 Mar 2018
Download Mp3 Lyquid DJ – Promises ft. AB Crazy
Lyquid DJ ft. AB Crazy – Promises Mp3 Download Audio Lyrics Music Lyquid DJ – Promises ft. AB Crazy. Lyquid DJ kicks start the n
12:10am, 10 Mar 2018
What is difference between a jet and a plane?
Pilot , Bs - EET Avionics engineer. An airplane or aeroplane is a power driven vehicle which derives its aerodynamic lift from thrust provide
6:19pm, 09 Mar 2018
Were the Hebrews of the Bible related to black people?
Walter Smyth The majority of the events in the Bible HAPPENED IN THE MIDDLE EAST! Ancient Hebrews, Israelites and Jews were INDIGENOUS CAUCAS
6:11pm, 09 Mar 2018
6:03pm, 09 Mar 2018
5:59pm, 09 Mar 2018
5:44pm, 09 Mar 2018
In the Bible, it says Michael and his angels fought the fallen angels. Is Michael the angel still in heaven? What happened to him?
Eugene Rideout Novelist in Windsor, Ontario; across river from Detroit. MI 9w ago Chris, the following is an extract from p. 393 of the
5:36pm, 09 Mar 2018
5:28pm, 09 Mar 2018
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