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7:00am, 25 Feb 2018
Which angel is more powerful, Lucifer or Michael?
Roger Williams John's prophetic writing in Revelation 12:7-9 says: Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the d
2:34am, 24 Feb 2018
Can non-Catholics go to confession with a Catholic priest?
Atheist, but not anti-theist I once asked this of friend who was a seminary student.  He said, that he would always be open to the confessions
2:31am, 24 Feb 2018
Do angels commit sins according to Christian faith?
With both the angels and humanity, God chose to present a choice. While the Bible does not give many details regarding the rebellion of Satan and
2:21am, 24 Feb 2018
Excitement As Creature Hidden Since The Time Of Jesus Christ Is Found With Feathers Perfectly Preserved
A creature dating back 2,000 years has been uncovered by stunned archaeologists with its feathers perfectly preserved. The mummified macaw, w
2:17am, 24 Feb 2018
Christianity: What is the difference between Roman Catholics and Protestants?
studied comparative religion and history of religions A2A. (TL;DR: Roman Catholicism is part of Christianity.) There are three main Abrah
2:03am, 24 Feb 2018
What are the main beliefs of the Russian Orthodox Church?
I'm trying to live an Eastern Orthodox Christian life. The Russian church is a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church. So our faith is no diff
2:01am, 24 Feb 2018
Why is water used during baptism?
John the Baptist, performed baptism with water as an abolution for the forgiveness of sins. This was a common understanding of a baptism, an outwa
1:59am, 24 Feb 2018
What are the effects of baptism?
Cradle Catholic, monk formed in Catholicism, priest in Theology and the Bible The Catholic Church teaches that the effects of baptism include
1:54am, 24 Feb 2018
Why is water baptism important to a believer?
Author of "Holding God in Accurate Knowledge" Since Old Testament times, there has existed the concept of “ritual immersion” for the purp
1:48am, 24 Feb 2018
Heaven: Who is the strongest angel?
The question is: “Who is the strongest angel?” Jesus Christ himself. As you know, the resurrected Jesus made himself known to Saul while
1:42pm, 23 Feb 2018
Who are the original real Jews?
I Work Is That Not Enough at Non of Your Business Yo Stalkers! Moses was born a Hebrew - Israelite from the tribe of Levi (exodus 2:1-3). He
1:38pm, 23 Feb 2018
In Hebrew, how do you say "lamb of God"?
Samuel Miller Native Hebrew speaker, writer and translator The proper Hebrew phrase is: שה האלוהים It is literally translated
1:30pm, 23 Feb 2018
What was the importance of baptism to Jesus Christ?
I’ll venture that it was important enough to him to go and do it, and do it by John the Baptist who was a Levite, having the Priesthood of Aar
1:22pm, 23 Feb 2018
What is the difference between the Devil, Lucifer and Satan?
David Gianotti artist-philosopher, renaissance man As per my answer written elsewhere: Sacred Tradition speaks of the fall of the angels.
1:13pm, 23 Feb 2018
What are the names of humans who mated with fallen angels?
Murtaza Ali B.COM AND B.SC. from B Com Graduate from Sir C.r.r College , Eluru (1959) A. In Genesis 6 we learn that the primary cause of t
1:10pm, 23 Feb 2018
Does marijuana make you impotent?
Daniel Frost studied Business Technology & Latin Yes it can potentially cause ed. I know some people do get erections while high this is d
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